Could it be? SUN WORSHIP 10 Comes To BUOY Gallery

Coming up soon is the 10th installation of the quarterly series known as Sun Worship. The series has been dedicated to bringing the work of performance artists involved in free improvisation to the Seacoast area for two and a half years now.
Sun Worship Series::: http://offsetneedlesound.blogspot.com/p/sun-worship-history.html
BUOY Gallery::: http://www.buoygallery.org/

For this particular Sun Worship event I have imposed a restriction on the performers to present work without the aid of electricity. This is not only a way to celebrate those artists who already have been able to present works unaided by electric current, but also challenge those of us that have thus far relied on it.

Two such artists are pioneers of the experimental music field from New York, Tom Hamilton and Al Margolis. Long time friends Tom and Al have performed all over the world together. This will be a very special one of a kind installation by these two who have been developing their set specially for this acoustic version of Sun Worship.
Tom Hamilton::: http://www.myspace.com/dataday
Al Margolis::: http://ifbwana.com/content/bio

Horn blower, percussion percussor and visual artist Steve Norton will be bringing his group Kilter to BUOY. Steve has been playing free improvised music and other means of audio expression for decades. He is an expert in knowing when, what, and just how much.
Kilter::: http://www.rednotebook.org/music/kilter.html

A Boston group that celebrates their non electric eccentric with every performance is Skinny Vinny. I'm going to take a guess that this will be a 4th participation for The Skin Vins at Sun Worship. Their sound has momentum!
Skinny Vinny::: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=35433

I was hoping to be joined by trumpet player Forbes Graham but alas he is in Europe and will not be attending. Bicycle wheels will be summoned for sound with or without aid from another sounder. (Instead I performed with an amended version of a group I am part of, Grau Garten. Missing was Greg Kowalski, participating were Steve Norton, Marc Bisson, Dave Bacon, and Dei Xrist)

Another Boston trumpeter and returning artist Eric Dahlman has let me know he will be able to participate and will be accompanied by friend Erik Nugent.

And the latest addition is William Jasper and friend Myles. William and Myles are 14. William and his siblings have performed around Portsmouth for years and it will be an honor to include them at this 10th Sun Worship event.

BUOY Gallery has been very generous to share their space and host the Sun Worship Series for the past two years. Please come, bring some beverages, a donation, something to share, an open mind and ears. This event is sure to be a memorable and moving experience.

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