Nortwest Campaign Complete:::

    Saturday February 5th concluded the performances for this trip to the Northwest, with a live broadcast on KPSU 1450am in Portland, Oregon.  Listen to the streaming archive HERE.  (See Ricardo Wang's digital photos of the performance HERE:::)The good news is that we were on time to the station at 11 am having left Seattle at 7.  Sleep deprived and coffee sweat induced for sure.  The previous night's escapades were a performance in Seattle's Gallery 1412 with Jane who sang her heart felt banjo and accordion tunes as Cowlick.  After the Offset Needle Radius set I answered questions for about 15 minutes about my performance and free improvisation in general.  Fun fun and fun.
   The good times began with a live set on KAOS Radio Olympia on Richard Sinclair's Dancing In Circles radio show Tuesday night Feb. 1st.  I was still under the throws of a nasty cold.  But despite that and written quarrels with the parking cops, the radio expose itself was a great time with Eli in the studio taking photos and trying not to snag the many cables that criss crossed through the air.
   All in all Offset Needle Radius had great receptions in all three venues and it just goes to show determination is a great tool.  All these performances were booked within two week's time.  Next year I'll plan ahead and really get something together.