January brings sounds from across the Atlantic Ocean to the Maine Seacoast.

  Hey, listen up friends:  Coming up are a few rare chances to catch Wouter Jaspers, Bram Stadhouders, and Bas Verbeek all on tour from Tilburg in Noord Brabant, The Netherlands. For a few exclusive dates around the Eastern Seaboard, including three events this week here in Maine.  Each performing a unique solo improvised sound set, you might hear collages of motors and vocal sounds, infinite reverb drone, classical guitar, words, swoops, and sighs among other things.  Upcomming dates are below.   
  Sunday night January 3rd in 2010, Marc and Dei opened their house to friends to hear sounds and music from these three distant travelers.  They had food and refreshing beverages to share in a pot luck setting.  The food was great tasting, healthy, and satisfying, just right for getting ready for some noise.  People drove in from an hour away on snow covered roads to be in that basement that night.
   Offset Needle Radius combined sounds with Marc Bisson and Dei Xrist of birdorgan.  We ripped and crunched and scraped and wiggled guitar strings, looped SK-1,s droaned dropped vocals and other tongue sounds.  Then Bas Varbeek sat down on the red cloth, lit the candle, and emitted a deep drone from a black Les Paul, beginning softly and rising to fill our minds.  Vocal layers of drone eventually overtook the Les Paul, dominating the thick reverb heavy sound.
   Next was Wouter Jaspers who had performed in 2008 at Ello Gallery in Portsmouth,with Staplerfahrer .  Sitting at the card table strewn with stomp boxes, mixer, laptop, cables, and piles of other things, Jaspers slowly began to interweave tones and textures; a drifting piece incorporating speech, small electric motor radio frequencies, microcassette sounds. 
   Closing the evening was Bram Stadhouders.  He brought out a beautiful classical nylon stringed guitar.  With an internal mic running into an IBook, Verbeek improvised three pieces.  Beginning with subtle foley sounds and then incororating classical runs up and down  the neck.  His playing embraced more of the classical style that has won Verbeek awards at competetions as his set progressed.
   These three artists have traveled far to share their sound visions with us here.  Please get out and see them at one of the upcomming events around the Eastern Seaboard.

17-12 Zebulon – New York, NY
19-12 Pyramid Atlantic - Washington DC
20-12 Robin's Bookstore - Philadelphia, PA
22-12 Ghost Print Gallery - Richmond, VA
23-12 Bobo Gallery - Asheville, NC
26-12 Ed's - Hickory, NC
27-12 TBA - Charlotte, NC
28-12 Badgerhouse - Raleigh, NC
29-12 Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
30-12 Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh, PA
03-01 The House of Goings - Manchester, NH
05-01 Daileyville - Lowell, MA
06-01 South Side Grill - Lewiston, ME
07-01 Memorial Library, Main Street - Livermore Falls, ME
08-01 Strange Maine - Portland, ME
09-01 Buoy Gallery, 2 Government St. - Kittery, ME
10-01 Sunday coma series - New York, NY
11-11 Douglas Street Music Collective, New York, NY.