Unwrapped And Reassembled

It's already March of another year on the planet of confusion and as I see I have not been here to post since a dog's age. What has transpired is a drastic relocation back to the land from whence I had come back in 2007. Everything boxed, loaded onto a moving truck and trucked out across the continent, back to the land of big trees, endless forests, immense mountain gods, rivers, and dramatic skies.
Here we are in a darling of a rental house one block from the freeway with easy access to every corner of this city. It's taken some time just to get the basics organized and then it was time to pull the wheels out of the bag and mount them up and make a space for sound to happen. Luckily we have a great basement with high ceilings so there will be no need to accommodate a separate studio which is good because I wouldn't be able to afford it anyhow.
So I have begun work at the bike shop, wrenching for dollars. But I have not made my presence known to too many people here and have yet to attempt a public sounding of the Offset Needledom. That will come in time. Meanwhile Eli and I have attended a couple of shows around town, friends bands, punk rockous and folkie such sounds. THis week we'll check out a Daniel Menche show not far from our corner of the planet. Friday I will venture out on a blind date, prompted by a mutual friend, Upstate NY sound artist Al Margolis. So contacts are being made and the apparatus is under construction but at least ground has been broken on this new site.