Sat. 12/31/11NEW YEAR'S EVE/FAREWELL at 119 Gallery, Lowell::: Final East Coast Grau Garten gig for the next 12 months or so, a week before I relocate to the West Coast. 6pm to 2am. With Crank Sturgeon countdown, Id M Theft Able, Birdorgan, more


Sat. 12/17/11 Sun Worship 11 at BUOY::: with Crank Sturgeon, Id M Theft Able, Skinny Vinny, Los COndenados, Eric Dahlman and Eric Nugent of Auddity, Kit Demos and Frank Turek of Mystic Out Bop Review, Marc/Dei/Offset/Greg Kowalski of Grau Garten with Steve Norton calling it in from Somerville. Video by bunq posted on this blog.
Sat. 12/10/11 at 119 Gallery, Lowell, MA::: w/ Crank Sturgeon / Dei Xrist Duo, Doll Fight (Vt.), Walter Wright,FGriida
Friday 12/09/11::: Flopera Flestival at the Floft, 381 Congress Street Boston, with Crank Sturgeon/Dei Xrist duo, Bodydrama, Greg Kowalski, much more. 

Grau Garten at Wombat Zone
Grau Garten at 119 Gallery

1)Mar.09/08: at River Run book store, Portsmouth,NH, part of a series of RPM Challenge 2008 finishers, with Nate Groth
2)Oct24/08: at Ello Gallery with Blaq Boose
3)Jan24/09 at Underground M.A.P. Project; a collaboration with Marc Bisson and Dei Xrist of birdorgan
4)Jan31/09: at Strange Maine with Id M Theft Able, Kit Demos, Pine State Mind Control.
5)Feb7/09: at 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA with Trechioctipotimus, Marc Bisson, the first Offset Sound bike wheel performance
6)Feb21/09: at Underground M.A.P. Project, Manchester. The closing all day event. SG's and Sunn amplification
7)Apr9/09: at Buoy, the Unique States series with Peter James, Forbes Graham
8)Apr10/09: at 119 Gallery collaboration with nickname: Rebel. First of a series of 4 collaboritive performances.
9)Apr11/09: at Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA. We performed to Eli and an Adam O'Toole after Gil's jazz quartet and a Berklee school jazz band.
10)Apr18/09: at The Compound, Troy, NY/with nickname: Rebel
11)Apr19/09: at The Spotty Dog, Hudson, NY with nickname: Rebel
12)May30/09: at The Monestary Arts Collective with birdorgan and ...
13)June 20/09::: FIRST Sun Worship! at B789, Rollinsford, NH with birdorgan, Asa Irons, Zeroking
14)June 27/09: at Monestary Arts Collective, Manchester, with birdorgan, Qfwfq Duo, Zeroking, bunq
15)Aug20/09: at Frantasia Festival, Livermore Falls, ME also that night: Tom Hamilton, Katherine Liberovskaya, Noel Walsh, Rebel Red, Katt Hernandez, Les Trois Etoiles, Al Margolis, Jed Speare, Forrest
16)Aug22/09 Frantasia Festival, collaboration with Katt Hernandez and Noel Walsh
17)Sep04/09 Mike Dailey's House with Adam of Peace, Loving and Many Mansions