Autumn Equinox Happened, and We Were THere

Fun night at Grain Surfboards September 20th. Eli made butternut squash soup, cookies, cornbread. Marc Bisson and Dei Xrist of birdorgan brought the beans and rice. Great performances happened from Mystic Out Bop Review, birdorgan, Adam from Peace, Loving created an innovative installation with surround sound and edited Star Trek video. Offset Needle Radius kicked off the night with new perspectives on the musical wheel harp bike wheel performance. Walter Wright collaborated with Kit Demos for some beautiful electronics duetness, and then sat in for the birdorgan session as well. It's too bad Grain Surfboards is so far from any town. It was a nice intimate space for such an event. Stay tuned for developing plans for winter solstice...

Offset Needle Radius to Perform At Highest Latitude Yet!

Offset Needle Radius will be performing at the Next Generation Theater in Brewer, ME on Tues. Oct. 6th. That is to say, Offset Needle Radius will be performing above the 44th parallel for the first time ever, making this a sort of historical event.
Also performing at this latitude will be Nicole LePara, Noel Walsh, Martin Shartran, Id M THeft Able, Joe Gates,Les Trois Etoils. This is like a small slice of Frantasia Festival 2009 in freakin' Bangor Me. I would post the trippy flier here but the "file is corrupt".


Offset Needle Radius makes Front Page News

The August 28th issue of the Livermore Falls Advertiser (Not the Livermore False Advertiser), featured an article on the 2009 Frantasia Festival. A photographer for the paper was there at the very onset of the three day event, sent to cover this strange happening. What had seemed like a not so prime performance time slot turned out to be not so bad. I'm sure the photographer just wanted to shoot a few acts, get a general sense of the thing, and disappear. Lucky for Offset Needle Radius, he stuck around just long enough to take this photograph during the bicycle wheel portion of the set. The Livermore Falls Advertiser gave a sizeable space to the article, which was situated just above the article about a senior logger and his log hauling and saw models.
And now the world shall know the name Offset Needle Radius.


Quarter Inch Jack on BBC 6 Radio

Thanks largely to Marc Arsenault's diligent campaign to get the word out about our upcoming release, titles off of the record have been popping up here and there. On this latest set list of Steuart Macoine's "Freak Zone" program, our track Quarter Inch Jack fits in nicely amongst tracks from Bardo Pond, Aphex Twin, Pharoh Sanders, and Hawkwind. Not such bad company to keep! Check out the set list here, available for the next 7 days...



Autumn Equinox flyer. Original color pencil illustration by myself. Click on the flyer for a larger view.


Previous Performances

Here's a list of what I can remember of significance from the various events Offset Needle Radius has performed at...
1)Mar.09: at River Run book store, Portsmouth,NH, part of a series of RPM Challenge 2008 finishers, with Nate Groth
2)Oct24/08: at Ello Gallery with Blaq Boose
3)Jan24/09 at Underground M.A.P. Project; a collaboration with Marc Bisson and Dei Xrist of birdorgan
4)Jan31/09: at Strange Maine with Id M Theft Able, Kit Demos, Pine State Mind Control.
5)Feb7/09: at 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA with Trechioctipotimus, Marc Bisson, the first Offset Sound bike wheel performance
6)Feb21/09: at Underground M.A.P. Project, Manchester. The closing all day event. SG's and Sunn amplification
7)Apr9/09: at Buoy, the Unique States series with Peter James, Forbes Graham
8)Apr10/09: at 119 Gallery collaboration with nickname: Rebel. First of a series of 4 collaboritive performances.
9)Apr11/09: at Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA. We performed to Eli and an Adam O'Toole after Gil's jazz quartet and a Berklee school jazz band.
10)Apr18/09: at The Compound, Troy, NY/with nickname: Rebel
11)Apr19/09: at The Spotty Dog, Hudson, NY with nickname: Rebel
12)May30/09: at The Monestary Arts Collective with birdorgan and ...
13)June 20/09: at B789, Rollinsford, NH with birdorgan, Asa Irons, Zeroking
14)June 27/09: at Monestary Arts Collective, Manchester, with birdorgan, Qfwfq Duo, Zeroking
15)Aug20/09: at Frantasia Festival, Livermore Falls, ME also that night: Tom Hamilton, Katherine Liberovskaya, Noel Walsh, Rebel Red, Katt Hernandez, Les Trois Etoiles, Al Margolis, Jed Speare, Forrest Larson......wow......
16)Aug22/09 Frantasia Festival, collaboration with Katt Hernandez and Noel Walsh
17)Sep04/09 Mike's House with Adam of Peace, Loving and Many Mansions


<<>> Sun Worship II, Autumn Equinox: Sunday Sept. 20th

. The second event in the Sun Worship series will celebrate the Autumn Equinox at Grain Surfboards in York, ME on Sunday September 20th. So far confirmed are birdorgan, Peace, Loving, Walter Wright, Crank Sturgeon, Mystic Out Bop Review, and of course, Offset Needle Radius. This event will begin at 6:30pm and cost $7 to attend.
This will be a combination of sound art performances and Equinox themed performance pieces with crazy disorienting lights and projections. Guaranteed to be an entertaining evening and one of the more more unusual events for the Portsmouth/Dover area.

What: Sun Worship Series no. II: Autumn Equinox
When: Sunday September 20th, 7pm
Where: Grain Surfboards, 60 Brixham Rd. York, ME 03909
Who: Birdorgan, Offset Needle Radius, Walter Wright, Mystic Out Bop Review, Crank Sturgeon, Peace, Loving

For directions or if you want to carpool to the show from Kittery, email offsetneedlesound(at)yahoo(dot)com