Sun Worship VI Taking(taken::) Shape

   Hot on the tails of another Frantasia Festival is the 6th edition of Sun Worship Series.  This time Mercury will still be recovering from a retrograde session of confusion and adding to that sensation is an installation at our host gallery Buoy.  The installation is by Brooklyn artist Lauren Luloff.  The space is broken up with colorful walls of laminated fabric with occasional windows and portals.  Should be interesting- and I like interesting.

Photos by Elizabeth Thompson

   On the bill was Id M Theft Able, Skinny Vinny, some such configuration of Birdorgan, and the post accident return of Offset Needle Radius, Improvised projections by Greg Kowalski.  At the conclusion of Id M Theft Able's set, a chorus of mayhem ensued created by all of the evening's participants. 
   This was first Sun Worship not to occur on a SUNday.  Instead, it will be happening on SATurday September Eighteenth.  SO no more excuses.   Come experience fringe sound art in an otherwise well hemmed arts community.