Northwest Territories, Here Comes Offset Needle Radius:::

Last minute preparations and attempts to try and squeeze just a couple of performance opportunities out of the Northwest has so far resulted in one booking so far, for Friday February 4th at Gallery 1412.  The show will be 8pm with local acoustic songster Cowlick.  I will be spinning, soothing, and torturing the steel wheels generously donated by my friend and once co worker Matt Cardinal. 

Unfortunately my timing for a visit to the Northwest is not quite ideal as I seem to be fitting my time there in between the "Is That Jazz?" festival and the Seattle Improvised Music festival.  So it goes.  I am grateful for the opportunity to bring it to Seattle in any capacity.  Thanks to the generous people at Gallery 1412.

Gallery 1412 is located at 1412 18th Avenue in Seattle between Pike and Union.  If you are reading this, I hope you'll come check it out:::

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  1. This should be great! Now more can hear the music you make with a...bicycle wheel!