Bonus Track from Impending Release

   Fionas Week was recorded over a week residency in Concord, NH in January 2010.  I set up in the kitchen of the house and recorded every night.  Instrumentation consisted of the 700c one cross pattern bicycle wheel mounted on the Park TS 2 stand, as well as Fiona's collection of instruments for little people including miniature piano, plastic keyboard xylophone, whistles, mini cassette recorders, and a buddha box. This track was a bonus that didn't make it onto the final album but is none the less a good example of the recordings.
   Whatever T.W.T.D by OffsetSound

Mastering is being done in Brooklyn by Andrew Gerhan, layout assistance from Michael Winters, inside photograph by Eli Thompson, 2010.  Released on Wow Cool -vs- Offset Sounds Recordings


  1. Hey, I bet you've seen this already but...

  2. Thanks Rob. YEs, as you may suspect, it is one of the most suggested links I receive. Zappa was indeed a pioneer in music in general. I did adopt his use of the bow after seeing this video. I considered it a tribute to one bicycle performer that came before mer.