Balloons, Bicycles, and Bodies::: Offset Needle Radius opening for Judy Dunaway Dec. 4th

  When::: Saturday December 4th, 8pm
  Where::: Andrew's Loft, 381 Congress Street Boston

Andrew Eisenberg has extended a great invitation to me which I thankfully accept.  I'll be performing on a bill with internationally known  Judy Dunaway at Andrew Eisenberge's loft on Saturday December 4th.  The theme of this event is "Balloons, Bicycles, and Bodies".  Fulfilling the Bodies portion will be Bodydrama - movement by Joe Burgio , Rachael Rosner, Betty Wang; sound by Lou Cohen, Matt Samolis, Walter Wright. 

   Judy Dunaway has explored New Music utilizing balloons as primary sound source since the late 1980's.  She's perfomed with many vetrans of New York's New Music movement since the late 80's and has written over 40 pieces of music for balloon.

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  Judy is currently a visiting lecturer for the Massachusetts College of Art in the Art History department. 
   Andrew's loft is at 381 Congress Street in Boston.  This space used to be the Mobius offices.  Show up around 8.

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