Our favorite stressed out fish Crank Sturgeon has put together a last minute celebration to mark the coming of the Three Wise Tens, this Sunday October 10th, 2010.  Wait, if I'm correct, the date on that very day will be 10/10/10!  How could it be!  It must surely be a universal convergence.  But what does that date really represent?  It's been ten years, ten months and ten days since Y2K!  2000, a new era of stuff that, well, is a lot like stuff before but more faster and techier.
   Performing their interpretation of the significant convergence of 10's will be

Offset Needle Radius
Galen Richmond
Mystic Out-Bop Review
Id m theft able
Andrea Pensado
Walter Wright & Setheyney (Satan)
Crank Sturgeon
Skinny Vinny

     I am sharpening 10 bicycle wheels to be wielded as ancient weapons to defend the Trifecta of 10's from outside subvergence.  Come see me spin, scatter, roll and tape these ten beasts of sacrificial offering.This will take place at Apohadion Theatre

107 Hanover St
Portland, ME

Crank Sturgen metamorphosizes

Crank's 10 Heartbeats

Andrea Pensado lets out the demons

Offset Needle Radius hones in on some bicycle wheel magic

All the players played

Pictures by Elizabeth Thompson
Things will(didn't) begin promptly at 8pm so don't fuck around.  

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