Review: SUN WORSHIP III, by Peter Donovan

Nailed to a tree
down a path in
the dark-this is
underground.  Forget
what you know about
sound. Full circle thru
the filter of life.
Thrown out the window
& let go.
There's a man rolling
his drum set &
one zinging a bike
rim.  Slurping Arias
to 1000 thread count
patch work sky scrapers.
Forget what you know.
close your eyes.  You're
in an underground cave
only florescent deep sea
fish see-That's what you

hear-it's the inside of
a beetle's shoe in the
mossy garden of doom.
It's warm, slow &
friendly in here.
It's gentle geek
underground abandon.
Punk Rock for the
new world.
The real deal-people
who are truly here
to listen.  This isn't
any poser mall
brought lingo & look-
this is finding that
thing that's real.
Hope you were there-
if you weren't-
oh well your loss


(Photos by Eli Thompson & JBaker)

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