Coming: XFest 2010 at 119 Gallery, Lowell

   Walter Wright has assembled an incredible event once again!  The time will soon be upon us once again to gather at the 119 Gallery in Lowell, Massachusetts for the Two THousand Ten XFest. 
   Wright assembles small groups of movement and sound artists to collaborate in 1/2 hour sets, 10 per night, for four nights.  Plus great food, workshops, and general communal socializing.  It'll be fun as hell whatever and whenever you get there.  But I'd say try and spend one night in town, catch at least two nights of this crazy event that won't come around again until Two Thousand and Eleven.
When::: February Twenty Sixth to February
Where::: 119 Gallery 119 Chelmsford Lowell, Massachusetts
What:::  Improv sound and movement arts festival///collaborations, food, workshops, etc.
Who:::Tons of people
LinK:: To performers, times, etc...

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