Sunday April 11th:::Ecco Fatto, Speet Silex from France, Coming To Buoy Gallery

   Ecco Fatto is a year old duo comprised of Emmanuel Lalande and Jean-Paul Buisson.  Their sound is comprised of improvised material derived from a piano sound board and the inner workings of an electronic piano.  Examples of the results sound sparce, dark, dream-like sound/wave patterns, as a soundtrack to the moving waves of color one sees after minutes of being conscious with one's eyes closed.  Click on one of the blue bars to hear examples.
 Ecco Fatto photo by Elizabeth Thompson
 Ecco Fatto photo by Elizabeth Thompson
 Frank of Mystic Out Bop Review, photo by Elizabeth Thompson
 Skinny Vinny photo by Elizabeth Thompson

   Accompanying Ecco Fatto on this visit to the United States, will be Speet Silex, which was a late addition and unfortunately, I have no information to offer other than THIS.
   Also on the bill will be Mystic Out Bop Review, a trio of musicians from Maine who have just celebrated a 10-year anniversary.  Plus Joshua Jefferson from Skinny Vinny and Duck That! will bring his group Hospice for the 300.
   Again, this will be on Sunday, April 11th.  Doors are at 7:00PM and I hope to get the show started around 7:30.  Donations are requested to offset the costs to performers and the gallery.  

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