Offset Needle Radius makes Front Page News

The August 28th issue of the Livermore Falls Advertiser (Not the Livermore False Advertiser), featured an article on the 2009 Frantasia Festival. A photographer for the paper was there at the very onset of the three day event, sent to cover this strange happening. What had seemed like a not so prime performance time slot turned out to be not so bad. I'm sure the photographer just wanted to shoot a few acts, get a general sense of the thing, and disappear. Lucky for Offset Needle Radius, he stuck around just long enough to take this photograph during the bicycle wheel portion of the set. The Livermore Falls Advertiser gave a sizeable space to the article, which was situated just above the article about a senior logger and his log hauling and saw models.
And now the world shall know the name Offset Needle Radius.

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